Fuzzy Logic Digital Temperature Controller

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Function  Fuzzy Auto tuning External contact input Heater Break Alarm(HBA1) Input filter : OFF, 1~120sec Zone PID 2 Alarm outputs Output Limitation Interface(RS/485/422) Retransmission output--(PV, SV, MV) Group PID Universal-input/output Heating/Cooling control IP 65 front facia Heating/Cooling hysteresis   Input Thermocouple : K, J, E, T, R, S, B, L, N, U, WRe 5-26, PL-IIR.T.D : Pt 100, KPt 100Direct voltage : 1~5V, 1~10V, -0~20mV, 0~100mV--------------(Free scale type) Sampling cycle  250ms Input display resolution  Below decimal point of Input signal and Measuring range Input impedance T/C and mV input : Min, 1 DC V : 1 Source tolerable resistance  Thermocouple : Max. 250, Voltage : Max. 2 Lead wire tolerable resistance  R.T.D : Max. 150 / wire (notice : Identical conductor resistance between 3wires) Input tolerable voltage  ±10V (T/C, R.T.D, Voltage : mV DC), ±20V(Voltage : V DC) Noise removal rate  NMRR(Nomal mode) : 40dB min.CMRR(Common mode) : 120dB min.(50/60Hz ±1%) Standard T/C, R.T.D : KS, IEC, DIN Standard junction temp.  ±1.5(15~35), ±2.0(0~50) Burn-oup  T/C : OFF, Up/Down selectable R.T.D : OFF, UP selectable (Detection current : 50mA) Accuracy ±0.5% (Full scale) Power supply for sensor DC 24V(Internal resistance : 1.2) Max 50mADC 15V(Internal resistance : 600)